Bring your loved one to a small boutique style office where they can be pampered by our friendly ear piercers. Each Pierced Princess will receive a Princess Tiara, Princess Wand and a Brave Kid Certificate!  
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While supplies last.
 Not guaranteed to have all earrings available in stock. Please call in advance for availability. 
*All appointments require a $25 non-refundable booking fee, that will be applied to your service.

• Wide Selection of GOLD earrings in:

  14K White Gold
  14K Yellow Gold

• 100% Hypoallergenic. 

• U.S FDA and EC Compliant.

• Safest Ear Piercing by Guaranteed by Manufacturer.  

• Trusted by more retailers than any system in the world.

• Touch-free system for loading and disposal, ensures Sterility.

• Noise - reducing gun provides a virtually sound-free piercing. 

• Younger than 18 years of age needs parental consent

Baby Short Post
*Specifically for babies under 1 yr old

● We offer numbing cream in house!
     -Must be applied 1 hour prior to the appointment 
     - Additional cost of $60

2mm White Pearl, 
14K Yellow Gold 
Item # P4

3mm Gold Ball, 
14K Yellow Gold 
Item # P1


2mm Cubic Zerconia Bezel 
14K Yellow Gold  
Item # P2

2mm Cubic Zerconia
 14K Yellow Gold 
Item # P3



3mm AB Crystal, 14K White Gold 
Item # P5 

3mm MARCH Aquamarine, 
14K White Gold
Item # P6

3mm AUGUST Peridot, 
14K Yellow Gold
Item # P70

3mm Tanzanite, 14K Yellow Gold 
Item # P8

3mm Cubic Zerconia, 
14K Yellow Gold
Item # P12

3mm Pink Cubic Zerconia, 
14K White Gold
Item # P15


OCTOBER Rose & AB Crystal Daisy, 
14K Gold 
Item # P18

AB Crystal Daisy, 
14K White Gold
Item # P13

APRIL Crystal & 
SEPTEMBER Sapphire Daisy, 
14K Yellow Gold
Item # P19

APRIL Crystal Daisy, 
14K White Gold
Item # P17

MARCH Aquamarine & 
APRIL Crystal Daisy
14K White Gold
Item # P20
 AB Crystal & OCTOBER Rose 
14K Yellow Gold
Item # P24

Deluxe and Special Order - Additional $25

*Specific birthstone earrings are available in a stud or daisy style. Please email for more information.

5mm Cubic Zerconia,
14K Yellow Gold 
Item # P100

5mm  Genuine White Pearl, 
14K, Yellow Gold
Item # P14

Genuine Diamond - Additional $150 or Purchase Alone $329

3 Point Genuine Diamond
14K White Gold 
Item # DIAMOND 2

5 Point Genuine Diamond
14K Yellow Gold 
Item # DIAMOND 3

3 Point Genuine Diamond
14K Yellow Gold 
Item # DIAMOND 1